Airmoms   Operation:Graduation


These are our Airmen, who graduated from BMT on September 11, 2009. Our love for these two amazing young people is how Airmoms Operation:Graduation came to be. 

A WONDERFUL testimonial and thank you note we received. This is what Airmoms is all about!
Not all families that we help are willing to have their pictures posted, and we certainly respect their privacy. Here are a few of the families we have helped; pictures posted with permission.

This is the first family funded by Airmoms Operation:Graduation. Airman JM and his parents from Wixom, Michigan. 8/20/2010

Airman JR and his mom from Greenfield, Indiana 08/20/2010

Airman RW and his mom from Dallas, Texas. 09/03/2010

Airman NP and his mom from Arkansas. 11-19-2010

Airman BT and Airman JB with their sisters, all from North Carolina. (and of course you recognize the jolly old man in the middle!)  Their Moms met at MEPS and all made the trip together. We loved their story. Graduation day 11-25-2010. What a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Airman JC and his mom from Tucson, AZ. 01/21/2011

Airman JW from Columbus, Ohio with his dad 03/04/2011 

Airman JW's family "adopted" Airman P, who had recently lost his mother, and was at graduation alone. Bless the W family for "paying it forward" to an Airman in need!

Airman JB and his mom from Arkansas. 08/26/2011

Airman BM and his mom from California. 08/05/2011

Airman KR and her mom from Florida. This was an EXTRA special graduation that Airmoms was SO very proud to be a part of--- The newly graduated Airman is now also a newlyWED! Mom was so pleased to be able to be there for a double special occasion. 08/12/2011

Airman G and his mom from North Carolina 9/23/2011
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